Ballroom Dancing Classes

Ballroom Dancing is a Great Option for All People To Get in Shape and Stay Fit !

It teaches children respect and discipline, helps to build up Social Awareness, so they not only learn how to dance, but also learn how to respect each other. The Necessarity to dance together fosters Teamwork, Civility, Cooperation, Confidence, Sense of Joy, Accomplishment and Achievement. Through experiential learning, they learn valuable life skills and lessons of self-discovery, self-expression, and self- confidence. Their posture and confidence improves, and awkwardness is replaced with physical Grace & Poise. Ballroom Dancing has many positive health benefits and It will benefit Your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Dancing reduces stress and tension, so over time one can feel an overall Sense of Well-Being.

Ballroom Dancing is a skill that lasts your Whole Life !!!


Mr. Khadzhiev Denis,

Senior Ballroom Instructor