About Us

Artiste Star Elite Dance School was established in 2008 by Principal Cindy Hui. Artiste Star teachers provide children’s ballet dance class, adult ballet & yoga class, musical dance class and Latin dance class. Our dance studios in Hong Kong are completely equipped to fulfill our students dancing needs.

All of the dancing instructors at Artiste Star are registered ballet teachers ensuring our students have access to a high level of dance education. Our dance teachers have been with us for many years and are some of the most experienced classical ballet professionals throughout Hong Kong. Each individual student is recognized and taught depending on their skill level. This type of ballet training is a proven success which is reflected in our 100% pass rate with the Royal Academy of Dance examination yearly.

Want To Dance?

Artiste Star Elite Dance School provides students with the opportunity to take part in dance performances. This includes our annual performance and public performances in the Mega Box shopping mall. Students who display a competent ballet dancing ability are entered into competitions such as the Youth Ballet Star Awards and are often selected to audition with The Hong Kong Ballet Group.

We offer a variety of summer dance class that include certification. We also provide summer courses in musical dance class and Latin dance class. These dancing lessons are held in July and August yearly and have a reputation of being really enjoyable for our students. Artiste Star delivers one-on-one private dance class for adult ballet and children’s ballet. Beginners in ballet are able to gain a strong understanding of dance through private lessons while intermediate to advanced students are able to strengthen their skills.

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