Childrens Ballet Dance Class

The children’s summer ballet dance class is suitable for students aged between 3 to 5 years of age. The summer dance classes are available twice a week and consist of a 45 minute dance lesson. This course teaches children’s ballet lessons over a period of 4 weeks. 

Students attending the ballet class will learn the basic ballet dance moves and techniques along with 3 complete dances over the 8 lesson course. Artiste Star’s dance teachers use a variety of music and props throughout the dance classes. Students will learn to create their own ballet dancing routine. Our dance studios in Hong Kong are well equipped for all levels of dancers and are RAD recognized.

Whether your child is a beginner in ballet dance or of an advanced level, Artiste Star Elite dance school caters for every students needs during our summer dance class. Summer will never have been this amazing before!

Let’s Start Now!

Ballet is a type of dance that influences the world. Every type of dance is based on ballet so it is important for every dancer to have a strong ballet technique to make them a complete dancer.

Ballet is classed into two types; classical ballet and modern ballet. Classical ballet was established centuries ago in the courts of Europe. The form of technical wording is used in French. Modern ballet is a contemporary dance which was established in the early 20th century. This dance is very special because it is a dance movement that that goes against the classical ballet limitations to express the dancers inner feelings.

There is not a set age for students wanting to join ballet however the dance teachers at Artiste Star suggest children start ballet class from the age of 3 years. Younger children are usually more flexible before they grow older. We initially start our ballet class with stretching until the students have a good flexibility. Body co-ordination and discipline training would then follow.

Artiste Star dance teachers are all professional RAD registered. We provide our students with safe and efficient dance training which will enable them to become a dancer or dance teacher. However we do not make our students look like body builders!

Moderate ballet classes are a good way for students to exercise and will undoubtedly strengthen their legs and abdominal areas. The training we provide isn’t daily intensive and would therefore not turn students into body builders.

Our dance company in Hong Kong welcomes boys to our dance studios, after all RAD are a recognized company around the world with lots of male dancers. The RAD syllabi has two different courses for boys and girls. Our professional dance teachers will teach both steps in class if it is required. It is very common for males to study ballet as often their are lots of couple dancers.

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