Graded Ballet Class

Artiste Star Elite Dance School teachers help students expand their ballet knowledge by teaching them lots of ballet vocabulary. Our dance lessons progress every time meaning skills and techniques of classical ballet grow stronger from one level to another. Student’s progression is constantly monitored to ensure a maximum chance they will succeed in their dancing careers. Graded ballet dance is divided between Grade 1 to Grade 8.

Character dance is introduced to students at Grade 1. Character dance is another form of ballet and is slightly different to classical ballet. Artiste Star students will wear character heel shoes and long skirts during character dance. This different type of ballet benefits our students by expanding their knowledge from day to day. The pace of which the pupils learn dance will increase, consequently allowing them to adapt in different dancing environments.

From Grade’s 1-7 students will have more chance to do solo ballet dance. When Grade 7 is complete our Grade 8 ballet students will be practicing and learning solo dance at all times. This training and learning process is a huge achievement towards becoming a ballet performer.

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Yes. You are never too old to learn ballet!

If you are a lover of dance then there is no need to worry. Our dance studios in Hong Kong provide a variety of different dance classes that cater for everyone. Beginners in dance are welcome to take dance classes at any age.

Our dance teachers will assign students into relevant dance classes depending on their level of ability.

For students who want to enter the RAD dance exam there is a required minimum learning time. Pupils must stick with our learning schedule in order to attain the requirements for entry into examination. We have three dance studios in Hong Kong that provide students with a different schedule per school.

For better learning results we do not combine two lessons into one. The more practise students have, the stronger their dancing technique will be. Their are a lot of dances and exercises at every level to learn. Two lessons or more a week will prepare students with a better memory and understanding of the RAD syllabi.

Graded Dance class

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