Musical Dance Class

Artiste Star’s Summer Musical Theater dance class is suitable for children aged between 5 to 12 years of age. The musical dance class consists of a 45 minute lesson over a 4 week period. The course teaches students several Broadway + Jazz dance moves and to sing a musical song which are combined at the end of the course into a Musical Theater dance routine.

Students will be able to present the routines they have learnt in front of the musical dance class as a mini show. This course offers a high level of active exercise with our dance teachers providing use of musical music to increase energy levels.

If you are looking for an action packed, high energized dance class this course will be perfect for you. Come and join us on this fantastic course and let’s make this summer full of dance!

Learn Musical Dance

Musical dance is a very fun and active type of dance commonly found on television shows, musical shows and videos. Musical dance requires lots of energy from dancers and usually consists of fast movement, big leaps and quick turns.

A strong ballet dance technique will be of an advantage for musical dancers.

Musical dance is very unique. The more personality you add to your dance the better it becomes.

We encourage students to make their own steps and poses for dances to boost their confidence and to actively take control of their own dance. Because Musical is very active and fast it is also a great way of exercising every part of the body and improving co-ordination skills.

Our dance teachers encourage students to learn musical dance from the age of 5. The dance contains lots of fast movement which requires a good understanding of co-ordination. We teach students from the age of 5 to improve their co-ordination as well as gaining a better understanding of teachers instructions.

Comfortable clothes that will stretch and show body alignment would be suitable for our musical dance class. Their are various different leaps and stretching in our classes therefore leggings and leotards would be perfect. Jazz dance shoes with soft heels are required for safety reasons.

Our dance studios in Hong Kong use a lot of popular musical songs through dance classes as well as jazz music and sound tracks. Fast and energetic are the types of music we use as it can fluent students to dance and build their interests in the lessons.

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