Pre Primary Dance Class

Artiste Star teaches two levels of dance that are for beginners from 5 years of age. The ballet lessons have a basic and standard requirement for each ballet lesson.

During pre-primary ballet classes students will perform in a small group for a dance routine and exercise. Our teachers will coach the pupil’s technical ballet skills and do training repeatedly throughout classes. Artiste Star students are taught in a well-disciplined way which allows them to build up a strong self-image in our dance studio.

Throughout primary dance classes, our students will perform exercises in a group of 4, solo dance or two by two dance. These ballet lessons are a development from pre-primary classes as it boosts Artiste Star student’s confidence effectively.

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The RAD dance exam has a strict standard that requires students to meet a minimum amount of learning hours. Students will be assigned into small groups when they are entered into the examination. Extra lessons will give the dance students more opportunity to practise with the other group members.

We assign all students to the level of dance which is most suited to their age.

The Royal Academy of Dance has a minimum age requirement of 5 years for students attending pre primary dance class. Students must have met the minimum age by the 1st of January in the year of examination.

If the dance students ability is of a good standard they are able to study in pre primary dance class. Our dance teachers will allow students to study at that level however due to the RAD dance exam policy, teachers can not enter students into examination if they don’t meet the required minimum age.

Pre-primary and Primary dance class video

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