Vocational Graded Ballet Class

The Artiste Star vocational graded classes are major ballet course. Students will be required to have at least 2 years dance experience and be 11 years of age or older.Vocational graded ballet classes are based on Grade 1 – 8. New technical ballet vocabulary is introduced as well on pointe exercises. The Royal Academy of Dance syllabi standards are a lot higher than graded syllabi. The students will become more solid after consistent training.

Our students will be required to have knowledge of all ballet vocabularies in their level. Artiste Star dance teachers will train students not only through demonstration but also vocabulary testing. These very high levels of dance will lead students into a professional field of ballet and will also open opportunities to become a dancer.

Want To Join?

Graded ballet classes are a set of ballet syllabi for students to learn from the age of 7. This is a program for dance lovers who like to perform and learn ballet as an interest. The RAD dance exam criteria are standard with pupils entering exams with their class members in our Hong Kong dance studios.

Vocational graded ballet classes follow a high standard ballet syllabi directed towards students who want to achieve a profession in ballet. The syllabi is more delicate and requires students to have a strong ballet technique. Vocational graded examinations are held in the Hong Kong based RAD examination venue.

Yes. Students are able to study both courses at the same time as their examination periods are different. Our Hong Kong dance company provide both graded and vocational graded dance classes.

It is common for students to attend a vocational graded ballet class and also study grade 6 graded ballet class. Our dance teachers advise students to provide a suitable time to start vocational graded ballet class if they are interested.

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